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Book Review: Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

I’m not going to lie, when I read this synopsis on NetGalley to see if I wanted to review Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake by Mazey Eddings, I’m not sure I was fully paying attention, or maybe I got confused with another book because I don’t recall requesting it. As I started reading it, I kept getting surprised by things that were flat-out mentioned on the jacket cover, but as usual, St Martin’s Press knows how to deliver.

Lizzie has made endless mistakes. Kitchen fires, pyramid schemes, bangs (of the hair and human variety), you name it, she’s done it… and made a mess of it too. One mistake she’s never made is letting anyone get closer to her than a single hook-up. But after losing yet another bakery job due to her uncontrolled ADHD, she breaks her cardinal rule and has a two-night stand that changes everything.

Once burned, twice shy, Rake has given up on relationships. And feelings. And any form of intimacy, for that matter. Yet something about charming, chaotic Lizzie has him lowering his guard. For two nights, that is. Then it’s back home to Australia, and far away from the pesky feelings, Lizzie pulls from him. But when Lizzie tells him she’s got an unexpected bun in the oven, he’ll do whatever it takes to be a part of his child’s life… except be emotionally vulnerable, obviously. He’s never going to make that mistake again.

Through a series of mishaps, totally “platonic” single bed sharing, and an underground erotic baking scheme, Lizzie and Rake learn that even the biggest mistakes can have the most beautiful consequences.

My musings
Lizzie Blake is a perfectly fine romantic comedy. It was funny, there were some heartfelt moments, and there were some parts that I loved and was really drawn to. Lizzie’s ADHD is one of the main focuses of the plot, which was super interesting but something I had a hard time relating to. It seemed to me like it was talked about too much, but it’s also possible that that is what it’s like living with ADHD, so I can’t comment on that. The connection between Lizzie and Rake is cute, but beyond sexual chemistry and thinking the other one is adorable, I’m not really sure why they work. And the accidentally pregnant trope isn’t one of my favourites, and I somehow missed that when I was reading the synopsis. But all this just means this one wasn’t necessarily for me.

I’ve already talked a bit about Lizzie, and though I struggled to connect with the ADHD part of her life, her family drama felt a little familiar to me. And with Rake, I had a hard time believing he’d just up and leave his family to move to another country to raise a baby with a girl he barely knew. He was attracted to her, but other than that, there wasn’t enough of a motivating factor. They tried to explain that it was because of something that happened with an ex, but that just vilified her for no reason and didn’t give me enough to justify his rash decision-making. I did love them together once they spent more time together, but it took me some time to get there. By the end, I was totally on board…I absolutely loved the ending.

Though it wasn’t a major story point, I liked how Eddings handled Lizzie’s family drama. There is a spoiler here, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to be spoiled (you’ve been warned!), but I loved that she and her mom had it out, and she cut them off, and that’s that. There was no magical reconciliation or realization on someone’s part—they just had a bad relationship, and Lizzie cut the toxicity out. There was no need for a happy ending on that front, and I lived for it.

Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake had some areas that I couldn’t connect with, but ultimately Mazey Eddings had a few unique flairs to her novel that I was into, and it held my attention. I’m interested to read the first book in the series to see how Lizzie was portrayed there, and I’d really like to know which friend Eddings will follow in her next book.


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“Sex calmed her restless mind in a way nothing else did, and she threw herself into it like an enthusiastic hobbyist. Some people had yoga, come had meditation, others kickboxing or knitting. Lizzie had sex.” —Mazey EddingsLizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the advanced copy and Fallon Michael on Unsplash for the featured photo.

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